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My District 79  My Pride

A wonderful journey Of 1000 miles started with the first bold step as Sergeant at arms of my home club Cosmos Toastmasters Club in 2007.

Today in 2022,  after 15 years, still humbled to serve our members as District 79 Director.

What an amazing and pleasing experience it has been!! Not because of the positions, titles or badges being worn, but being among umpteen numbers of dedicated and selfless members and leaders. Leadership is all about getting connected with fellow leaders and thereby trust, respect and empower them.

My District 79 has always been my Pride throughout the journey. To be an ambassador, and a torch bearer of the unique ‘CORE VALUES’ of Toastmasters International by conceiving them and implementing them within the organization and personal life for 15 long years, is undoubtedly a real PRIDE.

We, as servant leaders, don’t have to worry or afraid of anything or any one around, if we have the strong will power to uphold INTEGRITY, RESPECT, SERVICE & EXCELLENCE.

Abdul Gafoor, DTM

District 79 Director

My District 79  My Pride

I am Program Quality Director of District 79 and am proud to be one.

I think taking pride in your work and your organization is highly important and should come naturally.

Your eyes should light up when you are talking about what you do. It’s responsibility, initiative, and enthusiasm that comes with this role of Program Quality Director that keeps me going.

What I do for my District and the members is a reflection of the person I am.

I continue to strive to lead by example so that each member of my District is as proud as me to belong to this dynamic and vibrant District 79.

Sadia Irfan Khan, DTM

Program Quality Director

My District 79  My Pride

Mighty District 79 had always been an important District in Toastmasters International. This is one of the districts with multi-cultural, multi linguistic and multinational members who strive to showcase their best in communication and leadership skills. Toastmaster platform is where many soft skills are developed thru continuous practice and regular performance. Districts strive hard to bring in the best programs to our members.

District 79 Club Growth team had come up with unique programs to motivate members, clubs, Area & Division in achieving their goals. Our Mission for the year 2021 -22  is to build 20 New Clubs, 500 New Members and 100% club Retention and we are in the right track to achieve the goal. For the first time CGD Team is awarding members and clubs who have shown the path of toastmastering to their near and dear ones.

we are striving hard to bring in new clubs to district 79, so many members can get benefited out of Toastmasters. Let us spread positivity and let us spread Toastmasters in our community and our work place, the place where Leaders are made.

God bless District 79!!!     

P R Palaniraj, DTM

Club Growth Director

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