Brief History

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Brief History

District 79 is the home to the first ever club in Saudi Arabia, Dahran Toastmasters club. It also boasts of being the home of the World Champion of Public Speaking (WCPS) 2015 – Mohammed Al Qahtani. Over the years, District 79 has been reformed couple of times and now consists of the Central Region, Eastern Region and Northeastern Regions of Saudi Arabia. District 79 has the privilege to be awarded as the Presidents Distinguished District many times in a row over the past years.

Historically, District 79 has been instrumental to the growth of Toastmasters not just in the EMEA region alone but the entire world since its beginning in 2003-2004. It was awarded as District No.ONE in that very 1st year of formation. Toastmasters from district 79 have been major contributors to making the region on top of the world in growth, numbers and dynamism. Not just that, many of them have been instrumental in forming new clubs and growing districts even outside of the Middle East region.

Currently, District 79 comprises of 15 Divisions and 57 Areas spread across the metropolitan cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with plans to move even into the most remote of Provinces of Saudi Arabia in the near future.

From its glorious beginning, firm support and commitment of its Toastmaster members, District 79 is dedicated to becoming a center of Excellence.


District 79 directors list after first reformation at 2011

2011-2012                –           Khalid Matlagaitu

2012-2013                –           Nazeer Al Qaseem

2013-2014                –           Saif Ali Shiekh

2014-2015                –           Joey Villanueva

2014-2016                –           Abdullah Al Sharif

2016-2017                –           Soliman Al Madi


List after second reformation at 2017

2017-2018                –           James Taruc

2018-2019                –           Hassan Maghazel

2019-2020               –           Samer Kamal

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