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District Leaders

Samer Faker Kamal, DTM |
District Director

Madusha Nanayakkara, DTM |
Program Quality Director

Rami M. Aljawad, ACS, ALS |
Club Growth Director

Jolly Kollamarambil, DTM |
Public Relations Manager

Cecille Llanos, DTM |
Administration Manager

Mufid Mustafa, DTM |
Finance Manager

Richard Sinamban, TM |
Logistics Manager

Mohamed Fareez, TM |

Webteam – D79


Mohamed Fareez , TM | Webmaster
Mohammed Yaseen Ali, DTM | Editor – English
Nawaf Altassan, TM , Abdulaziz Dulaijan TM | Editor – Arabic
Dr. Salim Hakeem, TM | Quality Controller & Editor

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