Messages from District Leaders

Dear District 79 Member,

Great leaders do not set out to be just leaders. They set out to make a difference, because it is never about them, but about the goals they have set for all around them and the people who are going to help them achieve those goals. They might not be the best in their craft, but they are the best in harnessing their courage, faith in others and themselves and perseverance. Nevertheless, it all begins when the leader’s heart is set on the mission they follow, when they honor compassion over passion and altruism over egoism. This, in fact, is the source of the brand-new success-tagline of District 79 for the Program Year 2020/21: #OneMissionOneFamilyD79.

Since its reformation in 2016, the Toastmasters clubs of District 79 faced various challenges, which were only augmented by the kingdom’s social, economic and technology revolution. Yet, out of compassion and love towards other members, our Toastmasters could support each other to safeguard the culture, traditions and excellence of our clubs. We even survived the most devastating global crisis of the century together in 2019/20, while enabling nearly 60% of our clubs to receive “Distinguished” or higher rank.

Thus, the Program year 2020/21 has been dedicated to the family who we are today. As a bold first step, the District team adopted the “Round Table” concept for communication and decision making, signifying that every member’s voice, opinions and personalities must be equally valued. The
Program Year began with a series of events that promoted creativity and innovation, such as the virtual inauguration ceremony, highly engaging district officer training, out-of-the-box club officer training, golden quarter campaign for club and membership growth, #OneMissionOneFamilyD79 campaign, video messages from all the key District leaders and podcasts. The icing on the cake was the newly introduced district CSR committee, which is now ready to run many extra miles with our members, their families and communities.

Dear member, as your District Director, my humble request to you is to continue to support the Toastmasters mission, as you have always done. The challenges that we face as citizens/ residents of Saudi Arabia can be easily overcome when we stick together as one family. Let us always give constructive feedback, while letting our heats glow with altruism. Let us march forward with a positive attitude.

You and I are one team, and this team will be glorious!

District Director 2020-2021

Greetings Dear Toastmaster / Future Toastmaster,

First and foremost, I want to express my sincere thanks to the organizing and leadership team for making time and effort to keep up-to-date.

Since the starting this service term, it has my delighted honor to serve as your Program Quality Director for service term 2020-2021. This year’s Program Quality theme is centered around the abbreviation “RISE”; for members and clubs of District 79 to RISE in their Educational Goals, Training Programs, Speech Contest and Leadership. The unique theme RISE and its four letters resemble the fours Toastmasters Core Values (Respect, Integrity, Service & Excellence). These core values are the governing pillars for our Toastmasters programs and the development journey. Through the inspiring theme “RISE”, District is marching towards achieving the recognition for its ability to develop and enhance the quality of its members, reach out to the community as well as developing and attract top talent. Together, we have working toward the district mission by offering differentiated program quality plan that brings greater value to members toward a new level of excellence. Throughout this year, program quality will launched many programs with multidimensional focus on conducting extensive training to district and club officers, promoting 100% pathways for all members across district, motivating every member to complete at least one path, promote competitive contests with more participants, embracing best practices for RISE values to achieve excellence.

As 2020/2021 Program Quality Director, I call upon every member to support us to continue promoting the pillars of the inspiring by “RISE” as the center of this year’s program to strive achieving excellence. Through best-in-class communication and leadership program, we shall enhance the evaluation process to elevate the skill set, facilitating inter-club speakers and evaluation and ensuring a fair, quality and competitive contest. Next is knowledge creation and sharing via developing the speakers to trainers program, utilizing digital media and webinar more effectively, and holding cross-divisions training to build bridges and break barriers. Last, more focus on operations excellence and support by utilizing community and cooperate support to fund and facilitate Toastmasters Quality Clubs, Membership
Growth, and Outreach Programs.

Lastly, I enlist your unique support as the cornerstone of this district in order to continue working with us to RISE Toastmasters cubs and members in education, training, contests and leadership at district 79 as noble mission to contribute in development of human being and making this world a better place for future generations and us.

Yours Sincerely,

Program Quality Director – 2020/21

Dear Toastmasters members,

It is my honor and pride to serve our fellow members in district 79. Connect to grow is my theme this program year, simply because building a strong connection in communication, creating a team for Arabic and Non- Arabic Toastmasters community and moving
forward to the right direction to approach the challenging clubs and establish the corporates and community will help the district to reach a greater height of success. This year we want to bring some difference, we want to be more engaged and motivated despite of this challenging world.

I am happy to have a dynamic team in club growth. The Club Growth Director (CGD) Team believes that true transformation entails perseverance, hard work, commitment, engagement and passion. It’s not easy to sustain all these changes and it takes a lot of processes and strategies to succeed on what are we aiming for. I observed that everyone has a peak level of motivation and morality. Everyone wants to share and impart what they have learned and what they have known in terms of leadership and communication. The process of listening and supporting each other offers a great value to strengthen our goals and success.

Sustainability is everyone’s challenge. There are times that you want to give up and let everything falls apart. Sometimes you tell to yourself that it’s out of our control and we have nothing to do with it. We lost our focus. We lost our enthusiasm. But the beauty of being charismatic and servant leaders we never give up. We will do everything to survive, bear the challenges and make things work. Because
leaders never think of themselves, they always think of what is best for others.

The CGD Team is working hand in hand to defeat the adversity and challenging world. We will deliver our service with all my heart. Together as one, we will achieve a desirable growth and fulfill our district goals.

We will let all the challenges turn into opportunities and realities.

Thank you so much for your continuous support in our District.

Club Growth Director 2020/21

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