Messages from District Leaders

Dear District 79 Website Guest,

It is my humble pride to welcome you to the new website of District 79! The point of reference for all our members who seek to learn and develop their knowledge and potentials.
Additionally, it will be the hub for the current news and where the District documents such as scripts, upcoming events, and much more resources will also be available.
Please keep visiting our District 79 website to find more updates and resources that have been added to it from time to time.
Lastly, I would like to thank the webmaster TM Fareez and his team for building this website from scratch and presenting it in a professional manner.

Dear District 79 Member,

It is with great pleasure that I serve as your District Director. Toastmasters grants us the unique opportunity to keep developing our interpersonal skills and contribute to lifting up the surrounding community. Therefore, we need to continue putting our efforts and getting out of our comfort zone to keep learning and growing.
Since we cannot live independently, we need to ensure that our families, friends, and colleagues have the same chance to excel and develop their skills as well. This will happen by inviting them to the best place, where they can achieve that, your Toastmasters club.
In addition, I believe that the real value of anyone is by what he gives and not by what he gets. Being the source of eminence and confidence for many, bringing the best version of yourself, and helping them to establish their House of Hope (Toastmasters club), will return with limitless benefits to you. Check around you, if someone needs a new club, and guide them to creating their own club.
By learning, giving and guiding, we will grow individually and collectively.

Lastly but not the least, enjoy every moment in your learning experience, either a speech you are delivering, or an event you are organizing, or the leadership role you are performing in your Club, Area, Division or District.

District Director 2019-2020

Greetings Dear Toastmaster / Future Toastmaster,

Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, once profoundly stated, “Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”. As a service-oriented organization that is dedicated to personal and professional development of its members, Toastmasters International consistently promotes this notion. Its fundamental “value creation” is centered around quality education enacted at each organizational level. As the Program Quality Director of District 79, it is my promise to cater to this goal and support the sustainability of this prodigious district amidst the Saudi Arabia’s current political, social and economic revolution: Vision 2030. Welcome to the program year 2019/2020!

This Toastmasters year is of great strategic significance as it is the last year to complete the adoption of Toastmasters International’s new, cutting-edge, self-paced education program: Pathways Learning Experience, which broadens the communication and leadership horizon for any of its participant. The program quality calendar has thus been populated with novel initiatives, such as #OfficerOnboard and #LeaveNoClubBehind. The quality of division, area and club operations is to be augmented through the quality circles enacted at each level, guided by erudite and experienced leaders in the fraternity. Through a contest quality team, the speech contests shall have a specialized focus, mitigating the conventional challenges and shortcoming they experience. The proposed tactful “Program Quality Recognition Program” shall offer the members a morale boost, as we celebrate the achievements of our members. To facilitate all such initiatives and devise the program quality team, a range of fervent leaders have been appointed; some of which, such as Contest Manager and Education Chair, have freshly been introduced.

When the four components of this quality strategy titled PATH (Performance, Adherence, Training and Harmony) synergize, the district shall reap the benefits of an ultimate Toastmasters experience. Such a strategy can rapidly raise the number of quality clubs in District 79 over the tenure, shaping a truly sustainable future for District 79. Nevertheless, to every Toastmaster in District 79 I say, “remember, CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU”. If we must see a flourishing district, every individual’s dedication to their own development and commitment to uphold the core-values of Toastmasters International are essential.

You and I are one team, and this team will be glorious!

Program Quality Director – 2019/20

Dear Toastmasters members,

It is my delighted honour to serve as your Club Growth Director for 2019-2020. This year’s vision for district under the theme RISE is to RISE in Toastmasters Quality Clubs, Membership Growth, and Outreach Programs.

Through the inspiring theme “RISE”, District will achieve distinguished recognition for its ability to develop and enhance the quality of its members, reach out to the community as well as developing and attracting top talents. I enlist your support as the cornerstone of this district to work with us to help RISE our members, clubs and community to contribute in development of human being and making this world a better place for future generations and us.

Rami M. Aljawad, ACS, ALS
Club Growth Director

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