2022-2023 District Leaders – Division and Area Directors

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District 79 Leaders
Abdul Gafoor, DTM
District Director
Sadia Khan, DTM
Program Quality Director
Palaniraj PR, DTM
Club Growth Director
Shibu Xavier, DTM
Public Relations Manager
Huzaifa Warrorawala, DTM
Finance Manager
Turki Al-Hareth, DTM
Administration Manager
Madhusha Nanayakkara, DTM
Imdt. Past District Director
CP Rajesh
Logistics Manager
Rozel Sazon
Technology Manager
Turki Al-Bdrani
Arabic Clubs Manager
Zahra M Ahmed
Ladies Clubs Manager
Division Directors
Mohammad Afdhal Saheer, DTM
Division A Director
Mahesh Ramakrishna Pillai
Division B Director
Mohan Arumugavallal,  DTM
Division D Director
Mohammad Safiullah, DTM
Division F Director
Roua Hassan Aman, DTM
Division G Director
Vinod Kumar M.M., DTM
Division J Director
Ajay Kumar Das, DTM
Division L Director
Jamila M. Abulebdeh
Division M Director
Naresh Kumar
Division N Director
Albin Joseph
Division O Director
Othub Al Sulaiman
Division Q Director
Osama  Mohammad Al Masri
Division R Director
Ahmad Yousef  Al-Dawood
Division S Director


Division A
Daad Saeed Alamoudi
Area 1 Director
Charlette Villiones
Area 2 Director
Hala Sirror
Area 3 Director
Salman Abdulrahman Altassan
Area 67 Director
Division B
Nandhu Kottarath
Area 6 Director
Mohamed Farook  Mohamed Fareez
Area 22 Director
Luai Abdullah Al-Obeid
Area 38 Director
Division D
Philip Monterde Cos
Area 11 Director
Hisham Mohammed Al Hanfush
Area 12 Director
Samrana Shahid
Area 14 Director
Vijayalakshmi Udayakumar
Area 29 Director
Division F
Afaq Mohammed Sayed
Area 25 Director
Umer Farooq
Area 31 Director
Edres L. Sacurat
Area 60 Director
Lakshimkanta Maity
Area 61 Director
Division G
Sara Riyadh Ahmad Alhammad
Area 7 Director
Amnah Rezqallah Malkawi
Area 8 Director
Wafa Abdullah Al Khabbaz
Area 45 Director
Maram Abdulrahman Alghamdi
Area 72 Director
Division J
Hayyumsha Shaikh
Area 15 Director
Naga Sekhar Chandagani
Area 32 Director
Girish Vishnu Kadam
Area 43 Director
Santos A. Gubat Jr
Area 70 Director
Division L
Sanjay Rawat
Area 17 Director
Arul Sankar S
Area 53 Director
Nilesh Belsare
Area 63 Director
Shanti Rekha Rao
Area 69 Director
Division M
Rawia Mostafa Hamdy
Area 20 Director
Joseph Martin Chazhoor
Area 41 Director
Abdullah Alharbi
Area 42 Director
Lynda Brik
Area 50 Director
Division N
Mohamed Yusuff
Area 4 Director
Muhammad Abdullah
Area 5 Director
Kabeer VP
Area 66 Director
Division O
Muhammad Waheed Aslam
Area 9 Director
Makki Mabuk
Area 51 Director
Mohamed Ashik Nazeer
Area 52 Director
Division Q
Qebaa Radhi Noor Al Deen
Area 23 Director
Ahlam Khaled Farhan
Area 71 Director
Talal Mohammed Alshaikh
Area 73 Director
Division R
Amna Alshaikh
Area 19 Director
Hussain Mubarak Al-Rubaih
Area 35 Director
Ali Mohammed Yassin
Area 36 Director
Asma Saleem Ahmad
Area 78 Director
Division S
Kawther Al Amer
Area 16 Director
Haseeb Aslam Hamdule
Area 47 Director
Raed Akif
Area 57 Director
Abdullah Mohammed Alsuaylik
Area 58 Director
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