2013-2014 District 79 Election Results



District Officers

  • District Governor - DTM Saif Ali Sheikh
  • Lieutenant Governor for Education and Training - DTM Joey Villanueva
  • Lieutenant Governor for Marketing - TM Abdullah Al Sheriff 


Division Governors

  • Division A - TM Mohammed Mubin 
  • Division B - TM Syed Waqas Javed
  • Division C - TM Mamdouh Khawaji         
  • Division D - TM Anas Al-Hawsawi      
  • Division E - TM Ali Al-Sanad
  • Division F - DTM Firoz Ahmed
  • Division G - TM Saifudden Kunnummal         
  • Division H - TM Glen T. Sibag
  • Division L - TM Jamal Zaheer
  • Division M - TM Mohammed Zawad
  • Division O - TM Kaleem Ahmad


Area Governors

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Realignment Document 2013

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 Realignment document


An Overiew of District 79 - Saudi Arabia

ksa mapDistrict 79 comprises the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the  reformation of 2011-2012.  Previously, it included the six countries of the GCC in addition to Jordan and Lebanon.

Historically, District 79 has been instrumental to the growth of Toastmasters in Region 11 and in the entire world since its beginning in 2003-2004, at which time it earned the status of District No. ONE in that very first year of formation. Henceforth, Toastmasters in Saudi Arabia were major contributors to making the region on top of the world stage in growth, numbers and dynamism.

Currently, District 79 comprises 11 Divisions, 40 Areas and 168 clubs spread over most of the main cities in the Kingdom, with plans to cover most of the Provinces in the near future.

From its glorious beginnings, firm support and commitment from the great Toastmasters of District 79 has helped our district remain active, successful and on a continuous pursuit of excellence.

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